PMS And Constipation - What You Need To Know?

Published: 14th April 2010
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If you know anything about constipation, then most likely you know how women are prone to many more symptoms of constipation. But what you may not know is that there is a certain time when you may be more prone to constipation.

There are many things going on in a woman's body when she is going through PMS. Many women feel pain and discomfort, bloating, tenderness in the abdomen and a host of other unpleasant symptoms when that time of the month comes around. But one of the symptoms they may not realize to occur is constipation.

Constipation can be a symptoms of PMS and women who have constipation tend to have higher level of estrogen and are called estrogen dominant.

As menstrual cycle begin, estrogen become dominant and causes a boost in cortisol thus leads to the constipation women suffer with.

When you couple constipation and the pressure, cramping and other unpleasant symptoms that come with PMS itself, it can be an extremely uncomfortable, and even painful time for women.

While there isn't anything women can do to change the fact about menstrual cycle, there are a few things they can do to try and relieve unpleasant symptoms of that cycle. One option is to use a colon cleanser.

The best type of colon cleanse to get rid of constipation problem is an oral cleanse. This oral cleanse is a type of cleanse that tends to come in a capsule and when used this capsules may have a natural chemical reaction in your stomach and digestive tract that remove the waste from your body.

These cleanses will move through every inch of your digestive tract and thus remove all the waste that is catching along the intestinal walls or is backed up in the body system.

Not only will this colon cleanse help your body running regularly, but it may also ease some of the other discomforts you have been feeling. Take note, many constipation and PMS symptoms are the same. That is why by removing some of these symptoms from your system, you would be able to help your body feel better.

Additionally, try to look for a colon cleanse product that is oxygen based. This simply means that the natural chemical reaction that takes place when you use this colon cleanse will produce a byproduct of oxygen. Oxygen is a pure energy and strength to the body. If you are like most women, you could surely use an energy booster during PMS. For most women this sudden change takes a lot out of them and leaves them feeling weak and tired all the time. An oxygen based colon cleanse that let go of that pure oxygen inside your body system may be just what you need to help you recover from that lethargic and worn-out feeling that you go through during this time of the month.

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